The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has updated R4BP 3, its dossier submission tool for biocidal products. The new version only accepts dossiers that have been prepared using IUCLID 6, the agency’s application for creating REACH and CLP dossiers.

The new release of R4BP 3 promises enhanced dossier management and better communication between supporting companies and the reviewing parties. New features allow declarations, notifications and dossiers to be submitted into the active substance review programme.

Although R4BP 3 is not compatible with IUCLID 5, ECHA offers instructions on how to convert the previous file format into the new standard (opens in new tab).

Integration and Migration

IUCLID 6 closely integrates with other ECHA applications such as CHESAR the CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting software for helping companies to prepare chemical safety reports and exposure scenarios. For initial submissions, a new dossier created using IUCLID 6 is needed (for technical dossiers). For request updates, a new dossier must be submitted based on a migrated IUCLID 5 dataset.