Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc is the EMEA distributor of biocidal products researched, developed and manufactured by the Environmental Health Division of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd (Japan). We distribute the following, all of which come with full regulatory support services:

We also provide technical and regulatory support for a range of formulated products that can be manufactured using our active ingredients. Please note that we do not supply finished products.

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Active Substances

Active Substances

An active substance is an ingredient that has an effect on a target organism. Sumitomo Chemical’s active substances are effective against insects and parasites that are harmful to human and animal health, including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mites, cockroaches and houseflies.

Many of our active substances are pyrethroid insecticides, which are organic compounds similar in structure to pyrethrins, a class of chemicals found in certain chrysanthemum flowers and used in Asia as early as 1800 to control ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.

Pyrethroids have become an important family of active substances for use in household insecticides. Some of the active substances developed by Sumitomo Chemical are among the fastest-acting insecticides available, and many demonstrate long-lasting bite inhibition and repellent effects.

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We distribute and/or support these highly effective active substances:

Trade NameCommon NameProduct Type*Effective AgainstEffect
Clothianidin8 & 18Crawling insectsNon-repellent kill effect
Metofluthrin18 & 19Most pests, exceptional against mosquitoesStrong knockdown effect
Momfluorothrin18Flying and crawling insects, including mosquitoes, wasps, cockroaches and antsKnockdown
1R-trans phenothrin18Most pestsStrong killing effect
Premium Sumithrin®
d-phenothrinExcellent against human head, body and pubic liceStrong killing effect
Pyriproxyfen18Larvae of most crawling and flying insectsLarvicidal (insect growth regulator)
Premium Sumithion®
FenitrothionMost pestsStrong killing effect
Imiprothrin18Most crawling pestsVery strong knockdown effect
Prallethrin18Most pestsStrong knockdown effect
Empenthrin18Moths in particularStrong killing effect
Cyphenothrin18Cockroaches and most other pestsStrong killing effect
Tetramethrin18Most pestsStrong knockdown effect
Neo-Pynamin® Forte
d-Tetramethrin18Most pestsStrong knockdown effect
Pynamin® Forte
d-allethrin18Most pestsStrong knockdown effect
Esbiothrin18Most pestsStrong knockdown effect
Deltamethrin18Most pestsLong-term killing effect

* Product Type is a class of products defined by the Biocidal Products Regulation (528/2012).
** Clothianidin is not distributed by SCUK.

Number Product Type
8Wood preservatives.
18Used for the control of arthropods by means other than repulsion or attraction.
19Used to control harmful organisms by repelling or attracting, including those that are used for human or veterinary hygiene either directly on the skin or indirectly in the environment of humans or animals.