Sumilarv® 0.5G

Sumilarv 0.5G

SumiLarv is an extremely efficient mosquito and fly larvicide. Prequalified by the WHO, this insect growth regulator has been widely used in the fight against vector borne diseases, such as Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus and Chikingunya.

  • Low Environmental Impact

    SumiLarv has an excellent safety profile; associated to non-target organisms and the environment.

  • Effective at Low Dose Rates

    Pyriproxyfen’s potency and slow release means only very small quantities need to be used and transported to larval sites.

  • Broad Spectrum of Activity Against Mosquito Larvae

    Sumilarv contains pyriproxyfen which is an effective active substance against all mosquito vector species.

Further Information

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Sumilarv 0.5G