Professional Pest Management

Sumitomo Chemical has a long and proud history in the field of pest control. Traditionally renowned as innovators of active ingredients, Sumitomo has built up a formidable platform of insecticide chemistry that includes multiple modes of action and low environmental impact options.

Active Development

Here at Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc, we are responsible for the environmental health business of Sumitomo Chemical across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA). We have invested heavily in regulatory support and can offer an unrivalled portfolio of active substances. To make the most of these assets and to ensure end users continue to benefit from new technologies, Sumitomo has embarked on a comprehensive product development program. We are developing a range of professional pest control solutions aligned with our heritage of innovation. Very importantly our new products are also designed to meet the future EU regulatory environment and end user needs for today and tomorrow.

Our current product range is just the beginning. This is the tip of the iceberg, providing just a taste of the innovation we plan on bringing to the EMEA markets.

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Professional Pest Management
Pesguard CT 2.6

Pesguard CT2.6 provides effective and easy fly control – combining novel chemistry with a highly attractive bait.

Pesguard Gel

Pesguard Gel offers a new paradigm for pest control operators, with its unique triple action.

Pesguard S102

Pesguard S102 is perfectly suited for use in sensitive locations where residual treatments are simply not an option.