Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc Anti-bribery Statement

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc (“SCUK”) is committed to supporting the precepts of fair competition and ethical conduct in the supply of goods and services. Legislative movements are gathering momentum worldwide towards stricter legal restrictions geared to prevent ethically improper business behaviour with the intent of eliminating corrupt conduct such as bribery.

Considering its frequent engagement with regulatory and other authorities in the prosecution and protection of its products, the SCUK has worked closely with its parent Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd and its Regional Legal & Compliance Office to developed policies and procedures for its direct or indirect engagement with government officials and other decision-making bodies.

So as to ensure fair competition in its business activities, SCUK has developed and implemented its Compliance Manual for Bribery Prevention. It is a requirement that rigorous internal authorisation procedures are applied to selection and approval of third parties representing the company, who must behave in accordance with all relevant anti-bribery and corruption laws. By working with its distributors, agents, consultants and advisors, SCUK is determined to lead by example in its sector and thereby to sustain the trust and confidence of its customers and consumers.

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc pledges to renew its strong determination always to engage in fair and ethically sound business in full compliance with its Compliance Manual and relevant laws and regulations in the UK, EU, Japan and elsewhere in the world.