Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc distributes a wide range of insect control products internationally, alongside technical and regulatory support that is second to none.

The Sumitomo Chemical group of companies innovates to meet the challenges faced by people around the world. Our cutting-edge active substances are used for the manufacture of household insecticides, for indoor and urban insect control by pest control operators, and for animal health and pharmaceutical products for the control of ectoparasites.

We distribute and offer unparalleled support for:

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc is the distributor of insect control products for Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd (Japan).

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc celebrates 30th anniversary

30 Years

Established in London in February 1988, Sumitomo Chemical (UK) plc (‘SCUK’) celebrates 30 years’ growth and representation of its parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. of Japan (‘SCC’). Originally supporting the Agro Chemical Division, the company now distributes and holds authorisations in EMEA for Sumitomo’s biocidal active substances.

SCUK was first established as a finance service for SCC located at Vintners Place in Cheapside in the City of London and has since moved to Hammersmith. The London office contributed to expand its global business through collaboration with other branch offices in Europe. Further technical and commercial support was added to the business, developing the SCUK’s presence in the EMEA region.

SCUK was proud to support the start-up of the long-lasting insecticide-treated bed net (Olyset), entering the Vector Control market as a key part of the Roll Back Malaria initiative.

We extend our warm thanks to all our customers and partners for their business and support over the past three decades and we look forward to continued success in our relationships, following the Sumitomo philosophies of innovation, contribution to society and trust.

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